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Audience Measurement by Quividi


Audience measurement continues to gain momentum as a means of validating the performance of digital signage and other advertising media. 

How does it work?  A camera observes a scene and VidiReports software detects and tracks human faces in that scene.  In a fraction of a second, it determines the gender and age of the tracked face.  It will also count the time for which the face is looking directly at the camera, called attention time, and the time for which the face is in the scene but not looking directly, called the dwell time.  Furthermore, the software will estimate the number of people passing the camera and determine the conversion ratio - of the people passing, what percentage actually looked. 

All these metrics are uploaded to a cloud-based data aggregation service called VidiCenter where dashboards and charts can be configured to analyse the audience metrics. 

Who uses it?  

  • Brands - who want to understand recognition performance
  • Network operators - who want to optimse screen position and performance
  • Retailers - who want to measure customer engagement
  • Researchers - to test theory against practice, to validate change
  • Content creators - to prove the content is reaching the target demographic
  • Digital signage vendors - to add value to their proposition and prove effectiveness


For more information, download this document or call +44 1225 899098


Indoors and outdoors
Smart Sensor technology is also suitable for outdoor deployment as in traffic and crowd monitoring.

Linked sensors

Many sensors can be linked together to form an observation matrix.  Continuous tracking is therefore possible within that matrix.
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